Dan Popa | 80min | HD 2.35:1 | Surround 5.1 | 2018

Symphony in Aquamarine is a sensory and haptic exploration of our relationship to water, the sea and the ocean. Filmed on four continents, Dan Popa is a spectral observer of the lives of sea workers, modern fishermen, but also everyday people rubbing shoulders at the beaches, or scanning the horizon. Symphony in Aquamarine is a tribute to life and the indomitable desire to belong to the world, a poem in 4 acts with a maritime backdrop and traditional music that invites the viewer to travel along, not as an observer, but as a witness to the camaraderie, or the solitude that binds people together. The film sculpts time and maps the space to evoke a tactile and cataclysmic experience reminiscent of the films of Chris Marker, Johan van der Keuken or Raymond Depardon.